Moving from Melbourne to a regional town: are you next?

Moving from Melbourne to a regional town: are you next?

In these unusual times, Melburnians are starting to leave the big smoke for a simpler and more quiet life in the country.

Real estate agents in regional areas are reporting a huge surge in enquiries from city dwellers keen to move out of Melbourne and get back to basics.

With continuing uncertainty over the city’s pandemic restrictions, ‘escaping Melbourne’ and buying up in regional Victoria has become a ‘thing’, enabled by the normalisation of remote working.


The benefits of a sea-change or tree-change

While COVID has accelerated the number of folk leaving Melbourne for quieter environments, the truth is that making a sea-change or tree-change is nothing new.

Retirees and older Australians may have inspired the trend, but it’s now being mimicked by younger demographics.

According to a 2019 study conducted by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute,
20% of older Australians aspire to live in small regional towns.

There are plenty of reasons for that. With low to non-existent crime rates and easy access to services such as medical services, shopping centres and recreational activities, regional areas can be the ideal retirement location.

Because of their smaller populations, many people dreaming of escaping Melbourne during the pandemic also regard regional towns as safer places to be.

The importance of getting out in nature, enjoying fresh air and having the space to connect with community members while maintaining social distance regulations, can not be underestimated.

Moving from Melbourne?

If you’re over 55 and thinking about leaving Melbourne during this time, Willow Cobram Resort is a unique option you may wish to consider.

Willow offers affordable resort-style living in Cobram, a major town of the Moira Shire and popular among retirees. Less than 3 hours from Melbourne, Cobram is close to major regional centres such as Yarrawonga, Shepparton and Wangaratta.

For those of you who have not yet visited Cobram, this vibrant township offers the best of a tree-change and river-change lifestyle, as it’s perfectly positioned near the magnificent Murray River.


Willow Cobram Resort: A Residential Land Lease Community

Move out of Melbourne to the Willow Cobram Resort, an innovative and sustainable living model known as a Residential Land Lease Community.

Under this structure, the resident owns the house within the community, while leasing the land that the house is situated on from the Resort.

For additional peace of mind, Willow homeowners are protected under the Residential Tenancies Act. Having a 50-year secure lease gives you an exclusive right to occupy the land and to use all of the Resort’s luxury facilities.

This weekly rental fee also covers council rates, and sewer and water charges, making weekly budgeting simple. There are no other fees charged by Willow. You simply cover your own utilities such as electricity and telephone, typical of any normal residential lease.

Because of the ‘lease’ component, Federal Government rent assistance is available to Willow residents who receive the pension. This reduces the weekly site fee for those residents.

Designed for over 50s and people searching for affordable retirement who are ready to move out of Melbourne, the Willow Cobram Resort is close to everything you would need for a quality lifestyle.

These include the public hospital and community health centre, sporting facilities and fantastic bush trails and golf courses, not to mention all the attractions and activities associated with the Murray River.

There are also plenty of fantastic things to do and see, both within Cobram and nearby areas enjoyed as day trips.

Leaving Melbourne? Willow Cobram is a Residential Land Lease Community in Victoria which offers over 50s and retirees the opportunity to have an affordable lifestyle in a popular regional town. To get more information about our Resort, contact us now.